The best Side of best

perfectly and good employed to point calm acceptance, as of a decisionif you take my offer you, properly and very good

The biscuits odor good. You're looking good today. When used after look or feel, superior may check with spirits as well as wellbeing: I am emotion very good this early morning, prepared to take on the world. Perfectly is both an adjective and an adverb. Being an adjective utilised immediately after seem, come to feel, or other linking verbs, it usually refers to excellent well being: You're looking perfectly; we skipped you When you had been within the hospital. See also lousy.

make the best of to manage too as you can inside the unfavourable conditions of (usually within the phrases make the best of a bad position, make the best of it)

a compartment or enclosure all around a ship's pumps to produce them effortlessly obtainable and defend them from getting destroyed by the cargo.

Very good is popular being an adverb in casual speech, Primarily just after kinds of do: He did great about the examination. She sees fantastic together with her new glasses. This use would not arise in formal speech or edited producing, in which the adverb perfectly is applied as a substitute: He did effectively on the exam. She sees properly with her new Eyeglasses. The adjective good is typical right after linking verbs like taste, scent, glance, sense, be, and appear: Every little thing tastes excellent.

as best you can, from the best way possible under the conditions: We made an effort to sleek more than the disagreement as best we could.

had best, can be wisest or most fair to; ought to: You had best cellphone your mom to inform her where you are heading.

richer in earnings or get: When he withdrew through the partnership, he was quite a few thousand bucks to The nice.

Drinking water or pressurized gasoline is usually pumped into a nonproducing oil effectively to press petroleum methods away from underground reservoirs. See also artesian very well.

Horse Racing. (of the surface of a keep track of) drying after a rain so as to be nevertheless a bit sticky: This horse operates best on a fantastic observe.

all for that best, for The nice as the final end result; to an supreme gain: At some time it absolutely was really hard to realize how it may be all with the best. Also with the best.

to have the better of; defeat; more info defeat: He easily bested his opponent in hand-to-hand fight. She bested me while in the argument.

a thing or anyone that's best: They usually need and get the best. The best of us may make faults.

A deep gap or shaft sunk into your Earth to faucet a liquid or gaseous compound for instance drinking water, oil, gasoline, or brine. In the event the substance is not really beneath adequate pressure to move freely with the well, it needs to be pumped or elevated mechanically towards the surface.

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